Our Founder

James Baird

James is from Dunsborough, in the South West region of Western Australia. James and his wife Jules have 3 daughters.

Upon losing his cousin to a brain tumour, James despaired at how we struggle to treat many forms of cancer. For example, aggressive neuroblastoma has a survival rate of less than 50%, which drops to less than 15% if the child relapses – and the average age of diagnosis is just 2 years old.

He saw the need for further research into children’s cancer, in order to find a cure as soon as possible. The last 20-30 years have seen breakthrough treatments in some areas, and the results are tangible. However – more funds are needed urgently, as this often overlooked area struggles to obtain the required resources .

James said “Having lost both family and friends to the devastating effects of cancer, I saw that more funds were needed to reduce mortality rates – particularly amongst children. Having three daughters of my own, it’s a cause which is close to my heart”.

Thus Janubeard was born, a chance to let it grow, get hairy and raise money whilst doing so – beard bromance has never sounded so good!

Janubeard has now developed from an excuse for blokes not to shave in January, to a global cause battling children’s cancer which doesn’t exclude anyone based on gender, age or species.


Beard Up For the Kids!