Always wanted to make a difference to the world but didn’t know where to start? It’s easy: grow a beard in the month of January to raise money for kids with cancer.

Put the ‘u’ in Janubeard to start 2022!

All funds raised go directly to the Children’s Cancer Institute of Australia (CCIA), to fund their important research.  Janubeard does not charge any fees or expenses and all donations over $2 are tax deductible. The Institute is a world leader in childhood cancer research and currently employs over 200 people, with more than 140 scientists researching the cure for childhood cancer– 3 of whom are the original scientists who worked for the Institute when it first opened its labs in 1975. Sign up or donate here.

Janubeard is the world’s largest beard harmonisation event, with one unifying factor: respect and nurture of the beard for a month. It involves everyone from all walks of life regardless of their culture, race, religion or beliefs.

In January, we are encouraging men to become ‘Growers’: to become unshaven, unshorn, bewhiskered, stubbly, shaggy, bushy, woolly, furry, fleecy and bristly – all in the name of raising money for important research for kids suffering from cancer. Men with beards are also encouraged to get involved – celebrate your beard – give  it a little colour, cut, shine or swizzle!

Growers will put away their shavers and commence growing on January 1st, and will resist the temptation to reach for the clippers until February 1st. Money is raised through the grower’s fundraising page, and by the end of January the world is a better (bearded) place!

Beard Up! The catchcry will be heard in the streets, and hairless faces will be few and far between around the world in the month of January.



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Beard aficionados ‘The Beards’ tell it like it is:




Beard Up For the Kids!