We Did It!

We did it!

We reached our goal of $10,000 donations for Janubeard 2017!

JB goal1

The Children’s Cancer Institute confirmed that the funds will screen more than 10,000 potentially life saving drug compounds for a child with cancer or will fund the development of life-saving minimal residual disease tests to detect children’s risk of relapse of leukaemia.

The funds have gone directly to the CCIA, without Janubeard withdrawing anything for fees or expenses (we operate Janubeard on a totally voluntary basis, and cover our costs ourselves).

…and we had some fun along the way! Thanks to everyone that donated, and special thanks to Growers and Beardometer pic sharers – without you we couldn’t have done it!

Looking forward to bigger & better beards next year!

Badges are Here!


Wear it with pride, Growers! Badges are here, you will no longer need to explain why you’re looking like a hairy wild animal, the badge says it all.

…and no more stares or funny looks from the general public. Actually, I take that back.


Contact us to purchase your Badge for a $5 donation: janubeard@gmail.com

Beard Up For the Kids!