Handling Objections

Let’s face it, beard haters gonna hate.

Is your [insert here – wife, boss, pet, parent] not feeling the fleecy fondness? Not into whisker worship? Upon commencement of Janubeard, they will have nothing but praise for you, because it’s all for kids charities.

Still, you have nagging doubts? Maybe you think that:

Your beard will be too itchy? Ok, let’s agree that manhood will probably be too tough for you

Your beard will be too hot during summer? If the truth be known, your beard  will make you hot during Summer, Winter, Autumn and Spring

You are worried you will look like a hipster? Or lumberjack, or viking, or swashbuckling pirate – I rest my case

You will be filled with regret? Understood, on 1st February you may be racked with guilt upon shaving. However, there’s always next Janubeard!

Beard Up For the Kids!